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Reiki – Simplicity of the Practice

01 Feb
by sheryl 0 comments

In current times, Reiki has gained great popularity and with the spread of this modality has come a wider variety and numerous versions of this system. 

Though all Reiki is some form of energy healing, Reiki is taught very differently by different Teachers. And Reiki has “mutated” into vastly varied formats and branches.

It is important to remember that Reiki originated in Japan, discovered and founded by Mikao Usui, in the 1920s. None of us were alive at that time or studied directly with Mikao Usui.  However, I personally strive to embrace many of his teachings, as there has been much research and passing down of his theory and practice of Reiki. 

Originally I learned the more Americanized or Westernized version of Reiki, but have since shifted into the more Japanese roots in terms of my own personal practice and my curriculum for students. The purity and simplicity of this method is very dear to my heart and resonates with my own view of Reiki.

Of course, it is important to change with the times and be flexible about our way of practicing in this fast-paced, modern, technologically driven world. Yet just sitting and meditating with one of Usui Sensei’s Japanese Reiki Technique meditations, such as Joshin Kokyo Ho, can be profoundly peaceful and healing. And it is such a simple and basic practice. 

Though some Teachers talk about energy transfer, directing the energy, moving the energy, I prefer to feel that the Reiki Practitioner is merely a conduit for this wise Universal Life Force Energy, Spiritual Energy – and simply “holds the space” for all healing possibilities to flow in.

The Practitioner is balanced between earth and sky, in that place of harmony, and in this space one is extremely effective as a vessel for healing. Also in this space, one is able to set aside ones ego to be that pure vessel!

Additionally, as one moves through years of practice one may reach that “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment when you realize that you are just “being Reiki” — the human living embodiment of the energy of the Reiki Precepts — in the place of humility, gratitude and compassion. And that is an intensely uplifting place to be!

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