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Practicing Reiki – Sensations During a Session

01 Dec
by sheryl 0 comments

What does a recipient expect to feel during a Reiki session?  Are there preconceived ideas about what one may experience when they lay down on the Reiki table?

Responses to Reiki VARY greatly, yet some things are more common than others.

Common sensations are warmth (sometimes coolness), tingling, vibration, pulsing. 

Some of the feelings people have are those of deep relaxation, peacefulness, calmness, joy, clarity…

Most people “float and drift” into the “healing space” as I like to call it, that special place between wakefulness and sleep, almost like a dream state, but not exactly. It is the place where healing benefits are accessed.

Some people experience a definite SHIFT…

Newer Reiki Practitioners appear to be overly concerned about wanting to “give” recipients a feeling of extreme warmth, colors, bright lights, etc… However, it is important not to have these expectations as the goal of Reiki is inner peace; it is gentle yet effective healing; it is serene relaxation — it is not to have a surreal psychic or metaphysical experience. 

The Practitioner may also experience sensations of warmth, tingling, soothing peacefulness, relaxation in ones hands and perhaps in ones physical body as well. Yet the Practitioner and his/her recipient may not feel similar sensations and that is normal.

Reiki helps the recipient move into that flow of balance, harmony, and alignment with that lovely stream of well-being.

Reiki helps one have more positive, peaceful, JOYFUL thoughts as well.  

So just keep in mind that each person’s experience is unique and personal and there is no set pattern.

Reiki works for the Highest Good of each individual so it is important to trust that and release the outcome to the wise Reiki energy coming from a loving and healing Universe…

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