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Reiki Flows from a Higher Consciousness

02 Mar
by sheryl 0 comments

“The Universal Life Force…vitalizes the whole system…radiates vibrations of exultant feeling and lifts you into harmony. I shall call it Reiki… It comes from the Great Spirit, the Infinite. It is absolutely harmless, therefore, it is a practical and safe treatment. Because it is a universal wave, everything that has life benefits when treated – plant life…animals, as well as human beings, infants or old…” 

The above is just a portion of Mrs. Takata’s early diary entry, shared by Reiki Teacher Frans Stiene after he discovered it in the Takata Archives at the University of California Santa Barbara. Mrs. Takata is responsible for bringing this beautiful modality of Reiki to the United States in the 1930s.

Her perspective on Reiki is fascinating, and history tells us she was an amazing lady, dedicating much of her life to practicing and teaching this system of energy healing.  

The most important thing to remember is that this glorious energy comes from a Higher Place — call it the Universe, the Divine, the Infinite, whatever resonates with your heart. As a Reiki Practitioner, you simply tap in to this powerful vibration from the Universe. When you align with it and become a vessel for all its uplifting and healing properties, wonderful benefits can manifest.

Self Reiki on a regular basis can help keep one in the positive stream of well-being. Mrs. Takata firmly believed “It should be applied and used daily as a prevention.” If you are trained as a Practitioner, remember to call upon Reiki, to be in the flow, as it is a most healing and enlightening tool. If you happen to be a brand new Practitioner, you may not yet fully understand how powerful and amazing this modality can be, but over time, as you immerse more deeply into the practice, remarkable results can appear. 

If you are a more seasoned Practitioner, you already know about the incredible potential of Reiki, and hopefully have experienced some of the relaxation, joy, tranquility, clarity and healing it can offer.

Reiki has the ability to transform your life — if you invite it in, and integrate it into your day to day living! 


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