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Practice Self-Reiki During Challenging Times

01 May
by sheryl 0 comments

If you are Reiki-trained, you are in possession of a most amazing “tool” to help you persevere through the challenging and difficult times of our current COVID crisis. 

Though it is so important to do some self-Reiki every day, now, more than ever it is strengthening, centering and uplifting to use this self-practice as part of your daily routine.

Reiki helps connect one with their True Self, their powerful inner bright soul light. By tuning in to this pure spiritual part of one’s being, it helps keep your physical “light” strong and helps keep you aligned with that stream of well-being.

Make time to do a self-Reiki session — if you only have five or ten minutes, that is okay, but if you can do 15, 20 minutes or more, you will find how deeply healing and relaxing this can be. However, any time you bring in the flow of this soothing energy will be beneficial for you.

You can even do a self treatment first thing when you wake up in the morning to help you begin the day on a high-vibration, Reiki-filled note. Or you can use it to help you drift off into a peaceful Reiki sleep at night, especially after a day when you are feeling more emotionally challenged.  Or carve some time to do a little Reiki both in the morning and later at night.  Or anywhere in between — whatever feels right to you!  

Sometimes if I wake up in the night, having a restless sleep, with concerned or worrisome thoughts, I place Reiki hands on my shoulders, heart or stomach area and “Reiki” myself back to sleep.

Reiki helps keep you in that flow of harmony, balance, joy, inner peace — and that also helps to keep your immune system strong. That may well help ward off any ailments, including COVID and other illnesses. 

Stay in the light of Reiki each and every day. Call upon Reiki to keep you strong and centered on physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels!

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