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A Reiki Attunement is Enlightening and Lifelong

04 Aug
by sheryl 0 comments

Reiki is always with you… Once you are attuned, this beautiful vibration integrates into your energetic grid, into your energy centers and becomes a part of you for the rest of your life.  It is greatly enhanced by your daily or regular practice. 

Sometimes, despite motivated intentions, life gets in the way and ones Reiki practice falls into the background. Just know that your connection to Reiki always remains constant. So even if you get sidetracked for awhile, you can always “come back” to Reiki. 

Also, once you are attuned to Reiki, then that connection is very specific, different from other forms of energy healing — and there are many other forms of energy healing. Like varied frequencies, different FM radio stations, there are additionally many different “frequencies” and vibrations of energy healing modalities.

When a Reiki student receives an attunement (initiation) from their Master/Teacher, it is a clear and powerful connection to the Source of Reiki. As an electric light gets plugged into an outlet and the bulb “magically” illuminates, an attunement wires the student in to the enlightenment of Reiki. This can sometimes be a powerful spiritual or metaphysical experience for the recipient. This initiation process opens up a portal of possibilities and positivity! Your intuition begins to expand and flourish.

If you have not yet invited Reiki into your life, there is no better time than now.  Take a Level I (First Degree) training. Be open and receptive to amazing transformation, inner peace and intuitive clarity. The most wonderful benefit is the ability to do self-healing with Reiki — a radiant, uplifting flow of energy for your own Highest Good.


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