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Reiki is a Joyful Journey

01 Sep
by sheryl 0 comments

Reiki is an amazing and glorious journey! It awakens the bright inner light of your core essence, connecting you with the Higher Consciousness part of yourself and the Universe. Learning Reiki opens a portal that is practical, spiritual, metaphysical, sacred, and oh-so-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit.  

Being in the flow of this energy and this practice taps in to your creativity and just may bring a wave of inspiration into your life. Reiki is a practice — a spiritual practice, not just a healing method. When you develop a consistent connection to Reiki, your life can unfold in a radiant and uplifting way. 

Reiki has the ability to transform. When one first receives a Reiki session or a Reiki attunement, the energy reaches deep into one’s energetic grid, into one’s psyche, and begins a shift. Sometimes the shift is subtle and other times it is incredibly powerful. That change begins a release of whatever no longer serves you personally, releasing what needs releasing (such as negativity, stress, anxiety, fear and dis-ease).

Sometimes one has what is considered a “healing reaction” or a “cleansing reaction” which may manifest as increased tiredness or intense feelings of emotion — or even tears — as Reiki helps the body, mind and spirit purify itself. That may only last a few days after your session or your training. When that initial process comes to completion, you are enveloped in a greater sense of clarity, increased joy, thoughts that are more positive, a sense of lightness and perhaps illumination, a feeling of being in that flow of well-being. 

If you take your first Reiki class, just be aware that everyone’s shift and healing is unique and may take different amounts of time. And it is an ongoing process, as in human form here on planet earth, you are never completely healed. However, Reiki can certainly help you feel quite wonderful and aligned with the most healthy and optimistic version of who you are and can be.

When you are trained in Reiki, it has the potential to impact your life in a most spectacular way. So explore all the possibilities!  Be open to being in the meditative, peaceful place that is Reiki. Be open and receptive to tuning in to the path of inner peace that Reiki beckons you to follow with grace and ease.

Be open to allow this joyful and wise energy to become an integral part of your life journey. Be open to the enlightenment and compassionate perspective that Reiki will bring into your path of personal and spiritual evolution…

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