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Reiki For Inner Peace In Hectic Times

01 Mar
by sheryl 0 comments

Reiki centers us, helps keep us grounded. It offers stability during these busy, hectic whirlwind multi tasking lives in which we live.

Reiki helps us tune in to our core essence – that True Self who is at the center of our psyche and consciousness. 

It is a beautiful spiritual practice that connects us to our soul self, that enlightened spark of Divinity within.  

And as we sense that connection and that clarity, we feel uplifted. We feel so good, joyfully in alignment with the Universe, in the stream of being the highest and best version of who we are, who we are truly meant to be! 

Being in this empowered, amazing space takes intention and practice and the knowing that each step we take is simply part of navigating in the direction that is our soul’s mission here in the physical plane.

Is our life path always totally blissful, always peaceful — absolutely not. Part of the human experience is contrast and challenge — and we learn intense and empowering life lessons from this.

Reiki can be a “port in the storm” — sheltering us and encouraging us to look inward for solutions and serenity. It teaches us that our strongest resources lie within, that abundant wellspring that is there for us to draw upon for inner guidance. Especially during times when obstacles appear strewn across our paths.

Reiki inspires us with hope and that supreme connection to others in Oneness.

It is the light that guides us to walk in the glow of pure compassion. It is also a potent facilitator of our own personal evolution. 

Be IN the light that is Reiki — and BE the light that is Reiki!

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