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Reiki Energy for Mind, Body and Spirit

01 Jan
by sheryl 0 comments

As a Practitioner for twelve years now, and a Teacher for nearly ten, I have learned that Reiki is a multitude of positive aspects: inner peace, serenity, healing, joy, clarity and more.  I have learned that it has made an amazing and positive shift in my own life!

When one first becomes a Practitioner it is often for the simple purpose of self-healing — and that can be either physical or mental/emotional. Having the ability to work on ones own personal healing is very uplifting, extremely powerful. 

It also gives one HOPE, that whatever challenge one is facing, can be soothed and overcome.  Reiki can target whatever issues anyone needs help with and since it Universal Life Force Energy (or soul-guided energy) it has its own wisdom and knowing, and can effectively address whatever needs healing. It can get to the root of the problem, even if we do not know the basic causative agent or where the “dis-harmony” resides.  Reiki works at the cellular level. It also works on healing ones thoughts as well, bringing back a sense of serenity and optimism.

It is a most powerful boost to ones owns innate ability to heal. For everyone possesses that ability, but most individuals get “stuck” and so do not “remember” how to jumpstart that process on their own. That is where Reiki comes in! 

Reiki absolutely works on the spiritual level as well — as it assists you in tuning in to your inner guidance and your Higher Consciousness.  It is the essence of the mind/body/spirit connection.

If you are a Practitioner, remember to do self-Reiki regularly — every day! It is such a huge help for your body and energy field, helping you remain aligned with the stream of well-being. Just trust that your Reiki practice will give you whatever you need at that moment in time, for your very Highest Good.

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