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Reiki – A Portal to Healing

01 Jun
by sheryl 0 comments

Being a Reiki Practitioner is an amazing gift we give ourselves and the world. We become “healing facilitators” — and I like to think of us as being poised and balanced between earth and sky, holding that in-between space for all healing possibilities to flow in.

When a client lays on the Reiki table, at the beginning of the session, I tell him/her to simply “allow yourself to drift and float to that place of inner peace and healing.” For if one gives oneself over to the energy and is open to receive, then one will relax deeply into what I term “the healing space”. Though this place may be slightly different and unique to each person, it usually seems to be that space that is somewhere in between being awake and asleep.

Recipients of Reiki who experience this lovely, peaceful “in-between” when asked, are hard-pressed to adequately explain it. The most common descriptions are “I wasn’t really asleep but I wasn’t really conscious either and I saw many things things, had some dream-like segments and I saw some colors and some interesting thoughts were coming up, but I am not sure where I actually was.  But I feel really calm now, very relaxed!”

I believe that meditation also can also allow one to move into that “healing space.” By sliding into that tranquil “in-between” one can connect to ones Higher Consciousness, to the enlightening and wise soul portion of ones being.  

That is also what is possible during a Reiki session. In this way, Reiki can almost be a portal to another dimension, where one can go to accelerate healing on all levels — physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. So enter this beautiful doorway — and align with the flow of inner peace and well-being!


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