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Reiki – Spiritual, Energy-based Modality

01 Aug
by sheryl 0 comments

Reiki is a beautiful, relaxing, stress-reducing, spiritually guided, holistic modality. It is just one form of energy healing — one very specific “vibratory connection” on the spectrum of energy modalities. 

Some of the others are Quantum Touch®, Healing Touch, EFT (or Emotional Freedom Techniques®), Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy,  Tong Ren and Jorei— just to name a few.

I like to share the following analogy with my new Reiki students. When you may want to listen to the radio (yes, some people still do this old fashioned thing!) if you want to hear Rock, you tune in to one station, if you want to hear Pop, you tune into another, if you want to hear Country music, you tune into another. Each station has its own frequency. And Reiki has its own specific “frequency” as well.

When you take a Level I Reiki class, you are connected, tuned in to that frequency and vibration that is Reiki. This happens during what is known as the attunement process.

There are so many different ways of practicing Reiki!  There are many Reiki teachers in the world today and each has their own way of teaching. So everyone has their own personal expression and practice of this Higher Consciousness energy.

In my nearly thirteen years of being attuned to Reiki and practicing and teaching, I know that there is no right way or one way to practice Reiki. This is important to keep in mind. For some Teachers suggest that their way is the only way and they are very specific and rigid in their teaching and practice.

I strongly believe that one must remain open minded and allow oneself to evolve as a Practitioner and/or  Teacher. 

Teachers are there to serve as “way-showers” — to suggest different aspects, give various options,  and provide loving, supportive guidance. They should remain in that humble knowing and embracing of the Precepts — in the space of compassion and releasing judgment and criticism. And they need to allow their students to grow and evolve. For me, it is always a magnificent honor to be a Teacher to those who come to me to train.

Reiki is a lifelong journey, if you allow your heart to follow this uplifting, healing path. It will help give you both inner strength and peace — two very powerful emotions and abilities. Reiki can absolutely shift your life in a most amazing and remarkable way… 

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