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Self Reiki for Relaxation and Healing

01 Nov
by sheryl 0 comments

You have an amazing energetic tool — the ability to give Reiki to yourself! Some seasoned Practitioners will nod in agreement “yes, of course, this is such a wonderful practice and self-Reiki brings many benefits into my own life.” However, newcomers to Reiki may need a little more support and encouragement to be consistent in their practice.  Sometimes they even completely forget that this wondrous ability is right literally at their fingertips.

So do Reiki for YOU every day. Do a full session from head to toe, or simply place your hands on those areas that you feel guided to. It is supremely peaceful and healing if you can set aside a half hour for this nurturing of yourself. But even a consistent 10-15 minutes daily will enhance your well being and bring a greater sense of harmony and tranquility into your energetic being.

When you are brand new to Reiki you most likely have accumulated much baggage along your life journey in terms of stress, drama, blockages, negativity and “toxic” difficult feelings, both conscious and subconscious.  That is why at the start of your Reiki path, it is super-essential that you establish a self practice to help release all that needs to be let go of in order to be present in greater peacefulness and well-being and move forward with improved clarity. And all this lovely self-Reiki will help strengthen you as a conduit for this beautiful energy so that you may be of compassionate, effective service for providing Reiki for others.

Self-Reiki in the morning can set a radiant, uplifting tone for the forthcoming day. Reiki at night can wash away any tensions of the day and bring improved calmness and relaxation to help guide you towards tranquil slumber.

Do remember in general, if you feel any imbalance or symptoms of ailments, immediately begin a self Reiki treatment — it can help with anything, even help prevent or ease symptoms of colds and the like. For minor injuries, call upon your Reiki hands (after quick and proper medical steps).

As an example, I recently had an episode where one of my fingers suddenly became inflamed with purple bruises beneath the surface, and it was so swollen that I couldn’t bend it. How bizarre — and it seemed out of nowhere, but then I realized I had just finished taking down the remnants of my tomato plants, having a “fight” with the strong roots of the plants and not wearing proper gloves. I was considering going to a local First Med (Urgent Care walk-in facility), but I began to ice it, elevate it, massage it with essential oils and of course Reiki it! I would give it a few hours to see if it would improve and sure enough, the swelling went down significantly within a short period of time. The finger still looked a mottled bruised purple but it no longer hurt and I had full range of motion. It took a few days to totally heal up.

Of course, if you need real medical assistance, do not hesitate to get it! But always use Reiki as well to speed up any healing and lessen any pain or discomfort.

Call upon your hands of light regularly and you will be the better for it!

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