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Reiki Guides You to Rediscover Your Inner Light

01 Sep
by sheryl 0 comments

Most of us face a variety of challenges, and experience an ongoing tide of positive versus negative ebb and flow in our realities. Sometimes we are feeling enlightened, optimistic, exhilarated — raring to go, ready to step into our own and really live our lives with powerful joy. And other times, we fall back into those limiting beliefs, those fear-based ways of thinking. And sometimes we can feel immobilized — stuck in the darkness of how we perceive our lives, or the immediate situations that surround us. Reiki can help bring us toward the light and release patterns of fearful and negative thought.

Of course, outside influences have bearing on how we are feeling at the moment, but the stronger and more aware we become, the more we realize that the amount of choice we have in our thinking and our reactions is really quite HUGE. As human beings here on planet Earth, we are bound to feel some of the turbulence of the current of life, but if we manage to swim along with the flow, we certainly have an easier ride!  Reiki can help us move into that stream of more joyful, positive thinking…

It is essential to remember that there is always the light that remains in our heart. It is the voice of our Higher Consciousness, a spark of the Divine, a connection to Oneness. If we listen and tune in, we can always fall into sync with that vibrant joy, that radiant light that is inside us. It takes knowing, intention and recognizing that we can choose to return to those feelings of peace, stability, and oneness with all. By integrating the practice of Reiki into your life, you are guided toward that place of inner peace. You “remember” how to tune in to that inner guidance.  You align with the stream of “interconnectedness with all.”

Let Reiki (as a consistent spiritual practice)  help you reconnect to your inner light and bring you back to your core essence. Know that your happiness does not depend on your circumstances. Your happiness depends on your authentic connection to that love and light within. You can always find a way to shine your own personal light, illuminating the darkness. Which will give way to your most enlightened, fulfilled self — completely engaged with a sense of joyful aliveness… And Reiki can help take you to this exquisite place of harmony!

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