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Reiki – A Gift of Relaxation and Healing

01 Sep
by sheryl 0 comments

What an incredible, powerful, uplifting tool Reiki is for us!  If you are Reiki-trained, you have at your fingertips an amazing method of relaxation and healing.  You have your own personal doorway to well-being. However, you must remember to access it — to take each step toward and through that door to receive the inner peace and healing that is available to you.

Reiki has become so much more mainstream since I first became a Practitioner ten years ago.  In 2006 when I told people that I was a Practitioner of Reiki, most people had no clue what that even was.  Today when I tell people, most nod knowingly and understand that it is an “energy healing” system.

More and more people are excited and motivated to take classes and become Practitioners. That may be because of all the challenges, tension and overwhelm that is part of our way of life in these modern, fast-paced times.

Reiki is an amazing “antidote” for stress — it encourages us to seek that place of inner peace and offers us an easy meditative way to go into that calm healing space.

The glorious positive benefit of becoming a Practitioner is to be able to work on yourself — to place your hands where you need relaxation and healing. And it is so extremely essential to do some self-Reiki everyday — even if it is for a short period of time.

I think that newcomers sometimes do not even realize the powerful “tool” they now have available to them in the form of this healing energy coupled with a harmonizing mind/body/spiritual practice.

Reiki is an amazing GIFT we give ourselves that will last our whole life through. Like anything else, you must practice on a consistent basis to reap the rewards and benefits. And while most of them do not happen overnight, sometimes positive shifts are remarkably quick and very observable!

If you are a new Practitioner, explore and experience this wonderful energy — do Reiki for YOU each and every day.  If you are a seasoned Practitioner, continue to delve more deeply into all the facets of this modality.

Always remember to use this “tool of light” (as I sometimes think of it) to help you evolve into the highest and best version of yourself in both a physical and spiritual way!

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