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Practicing Reiki – Let Go of Anger

29 Sep
by sheryl 0 comments

Anger. Frustration. Impatience. Hostility. Wrath. Indignation.

These are some of those terms associated with those feelings of when our temper arises, when our patience runs thin — and when we feel as if we wish to lash out at the so-called cause or catalyst of whatever irks us.

How often do you personally get into the space of these type of feelings?

Of course, everyone experiences them in one form or another. The goal is to minimize the amount of time one spends in the space of these negative emotions.

Yes, perhaps people need to “emote” — they need to release pent up anger. You may ask yourself why do you become a storage facility for built-up negative feelings in the first place? And you may need to explore a bit as to why YOU personally find yourself in the energy of this.

However, no matter what the reason or your background causes are, the Reiki Precepts invite us to align with a place of greater peace and positivity. Embracing their true meaning and beautiful energy bring us into the flow of increased life harmony. They help us learn not to “store up” those emotions of conflict, pain, suffering, animosity — all spin-offs of that theme of ire and wrath. Specifically that is the second precept, “For today only, do not anger.”

As part of our daily practice, we are encouraged to recite the Precepts three times. But more than this, we need to understand the deeper meaning and significance of these guidelines for being in the flow of Reiki as well as living a grounded, relatively serene life.

Part of this is to truly immerse in the inner spiritual and emotional work of tuning in to that beautiful light that is your core essence. Let your inner light shine! For it will gleam with positive emotions…

Acknowledging a propensity toward anger is usually the first way to create a shift. Look into your heart and truly, authentically see what anger you may be holding there. You can certainly explore this segment of your dark side and then bring it up to the light and release it.

Do consistent self-Reiki! And yes, Reiki can certainly “stir” things up a bit within ones energetic body. So as negative fragments, blockages, distortions (ire) arise to the surface, you may feel them as a bit of a “healing process.” Yet know that this rising to the surface is in preparation for release. So if you do feel this shifting, allow it to come to completion.

And when that happens, your energetic pathways and meridians will be so much clearer and revitalized. Remember, this Reiki energy is from a Higher Consciousness so this is all for your own unique “Highest Good.” And keep in mind, that this energy also assists you with being more joyful in general!

Know that curbing tendencies toward anger and “reactivity” comes with time and spiritual practice. And with your own continued self-healing.

So do really immerse in the energy of the Precepts, particularly the second one. You can also use some positive affirmations. You can say to yourself: Today I let go of anger…

~And I now welcome love, healing and peacefulness into my life.
~And now I become a clear and open channel for the flow of Reiki energy.

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