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Practicing Reiki – Be A Clear Conduit for the Energy

01 May
by sheryl 0 comments

Reiki can be translated as “spiritual energy” or “spiritually guided” energy — or even soul energy. Reiki is also known as the Universal Life Force Energy. It comes from a place of “Higher Consciousness.”

It does not emanate from a Reiki Practitioner, but flows through the practitioner for the benefit of the recipient. Therefore, it does not deplete the Practitioner’s energy. It actually brings healing and peacefulness to the Practitioner as the soothing, radiant energy flows through as one gives a treatment session.

I do like Hiroshi Doi’s perspective on Reiki (from his book “A Modern Reiki Method of Healing.”) He describes Reiki as the “Hado of love and the pure Light that comes from a higher dimension.” The term “Hado” means vibration or wave. He also continues on that in order to become a facilitator/channel for Reiki, you have to receive the “hado of Love by uniting yourself with the consciousness and the rhythm of the Universe and by purifying yourself to transmit it as it is.”

If you are a Practitioner, always keep your goal as being a pure, clear channel, letting your ego take a back seat to the process. The ego can distort a Reiki session. It is best to adopt a serene, neutral, mindful attitude while you are facilitating a session, and just be in the moment as much as possible. It is in this space that the most effective results do tend to manifest…

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