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Practice Daily Self Reiki For Your Well-Being

02 Jan
by sheryl 0 comments

Most people know of Reiki as a healing modality, a holistic system, an energy healing technique. Some think that healing involves working on others to improve their well-being. They believe that becoming a Reiki Practitioner is specifically for that purpose.

However, Reiki is foremost a spectacular tool for self-healing, for working on YOU. It is a catalyst for spiritual development. It is a path toward inner peace. It helps you tune into your illuminated inner self — the light of your innate guidance system and intuition —  your core essence.

And as you navigate this journey, you begin to shift into a more enlightened version of yourself, your more harmonious and balanced self — and become more aligned with that radiant stream of well-being.

You have access to HEALING. Some of your transformation comes from meditation, from practicing the foundation of Reiki, from gaining an understanding of living the Reiki Precepts in your daily life.
Some of this comes from simply making time each day for your self-Reiki treatment. This should be an integral part of your personal care and practice, part of your self-nurturing. Simply take time to place your Reiki hands on yourself.  Relax into the amazing Higher-conscious energy.

This can be first thing in the morning when you wake up (it can help you move through your day with greater ease and peace), or at night before you go to sleep — or any time in between that works for you!

You are in possession of a powerful tool, so do not forget that. Reiki can help with anything that ails you — physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can help you find resolution to any challenging situation. You just need to intend for the energy to flow for yourself and it will.

Be in the knowing that you are tapping in to a wondrous spiritual energy — this Universal Life Force Energy — for your very own Highest Good.

And if you choose to offer Reiki to others, with consistent self-Reiki, your foundation will be strong and stable. When giving Reiki to others, you will achieve more effective and sometimes remarkable outcomes.

Enjoy your Reiki journey — and yes, I will say it again, do remember to have a self-Reiki session each day…you will be more joyful, with more clarity and more harmony in your life…

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